New Web Site of AMS Flight

AMS Flight is launching and continuously creating a brand new and software modern Web-Site of an excellent content, for the future and especially for the pilots they fly and they will fly AMS Flight airplanes.

As announced AMS Flight is developing new Magnus airplanes line with the important product market range improvements and advantages for the pilots and for the sports flying future. New airplane line needs also advanced pilots support.

We are looking forward that AMS Flight website to become a rich mine of interesting and informative material for safe flying and of enjoy. In these times the web is the best way to obtain articles including safety related ones and flight reviews, technical information such as operating manuals, handling, service and airplane construction details, technical bulletins, etc.

Access to the Carat A Yahoo discussion group is the part of AMS Flight web-site where its owners, pilots and others can exchange Carat abilities view and pilots experiences, questions, problems and proposals.

Now, by going to AMS Flight web-site pilot downloads the Carat A or other AMS Flight airplane flight manual to memorize it, and to print the necessary checklists prior to showing up for his check ride. This allows the pilot to be supremely organized and not waste time, when he could be flying.

One of the important reasons AMS Flight creates new web-site is because of the high importance of the advanced factory support pilots to receive out from web, prompt and simple without the necessity to contact the factory and wait the answer.

With the new web-site AMS Flight opens new communication line as well to keep AMS Flight airplanes pilots feeling good about their airplanes and AMS, interested in AMS Flight airplanes and other factory activities, its products and services improvements and new designs. The new web-site section About us become its important content. There are the new sections Our projects, Innovations and Safety and Quality. These represent the very of important areas of AMS Flight contents and activities AMS Flight looks to share with its web-site visitors.

The new Search section is very practical tool to find simple and fast a wished article or technical information, it can be found on the top of the front page and takes you directly to the relevant Key word issues.

AMS Flight decided also to have web-site integral simple software Shop category where spare parts of AMS Flight supported airplanes and many other items appear out from AMS Flight proposal and fine selection. AMS Flight is not become the catalog Shop! This category is for AMS Flight airplanes owners and pilots to simplify and give many info about airplanes spare parts, pilots helping items, instruments, etc. making their understanding and orders decisions more simple and clear. Order info section clarifies the Shop items additionally making orders and order decisions as much as possible proper one for the pilots and misunderstandings free.

Launching the new AMS Flight web-site means the excellent and modern tool for AMS Flight at this time. More of the web-site contents are not filled yet and we will add them one by one to care on the quality of them. Thank you for your patience. We invite you to kindly to continue to visit our web-site.

Some time AMS Flight was without old web-site because of the technical and web-sites supporting software problems. Creating a new AMS Flight web-site came not-planed just in parallel as AMS Flight second provider changed its main server computer where the old AMS Flight web-site was located. We apologize for the difficulties.

Feel free to browse through the new AMS Flight web-site contents.


Special offer

i-panel special
Instrument panel DG-300, DG-303, DG-600, DG-800

The instrument panel is suitable for installation in several models of DG series gliders DG: DG-300, DG-600 and DG-800S (till the serial number 8-88).