Carat is a great aeroplane and glider, I just love it!

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Hi Carat Fans, We will be using the following 1000 km, 3-TP course, courtesy of the Minden Soaring Club.

Start Pt.: Sunrise Strip, near Minden airport.
TP 1: Keeler intersection, south of Lone Pine.
TP 2: Basalt intersection, north end of the White Mts.
TP 3: Cerro Gordo Peak, south end of White Mts.
Finish: Minden Gate Distance is 1001.9 kilometers.

Oliver Dyer-Bennet AMS/USA, September the 2nd, 2008

Nice flight today, 500k+ despite an early morning would-be-out landing. The thermals were pretty ok but the cloud base was only average, wind was quite strong and at the end I had to start the engine because I had to get home on time.

After todays experience I would estimate 700 km are possible in Germany on a good, long day. More might be possible in the mountains or downwind.

After more than 90 hrs since September I have to say the CARAT is a great aeroplane and glider, I just love it! See the flight

These are the Carat pilots comments soar with Carat. Carat simple just fits in to the OLC Online Contest philosophy.

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Congratulations to Carsten !


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