AMS shifts its future focus to the Carat and Magnus designs

What is AMS doing after ceasing DG glider production?

 1 Carat A technical solutions and sub-systems are modern and future orientated designs. The Carat concept utilizes simple and reliable systems which will be continued in future AMS projects.  

Carat A is a unique breed single seat glider for all reasons and seasons. A Carat A pilot has the option to cruise as far as 1026 km / 637 sm at 230 km/h / 124 kts with the engine on and with very low & economical fuel consumption. Or the pilot can soar at 35 to 1 as a sailplane.

 2 AMS celebrates this year as the 30 years anniversary of aircraft manufacturing. More than 1100 quality motorgliders and sailplanes have been produced in our facility. AMS is now an independent company and makes all decisions regarding our projects and products. We continue to explore the possibility of electric power for future models. AMS also pursues non aviation projects dealing with electric energy exploitation and civil ground power.  More to follow. 

 3 We are putting a lot of work into the two seat Magnus prototype. We expect it to be the best two seat sport plane available in the future.  This is taking us more time than expected, but the owner/pilot will benefit from our extended effort. 
Magnus and Mingus deliveries will start in the second half of the year 2009.  We are building the prototype, accepting pre-orders and offering options to determine the Magnus & Mingus delivery sequence..  

Magnus family specifications, updated:   
  • Magnus is the planned  name for the touring motorglider model, wing span 13.352 m / 43.8 ft,
    glide ratio 3 to 1, with removeble wing ends to allow easier  hangar  parking.
  • Mingus is the planned name for the faster family  model, wing span 10.607 m / 34.8 ft
  • The basic certification standard is LSA of USA, and eventually  the VLA and CS 22  standardization. A lighter European ULA Magnus model would have a smaller and lighter engine.
  • Magnus and Mingus will be powered by Rotax engines initially.
  • All of our professional production tools are of the highest quality, including 3D CNC milling machines.
  • Consequently, Magnus & Mingus airframe  composite parts are manufactured with high temperature curing, allowing these parts to maintain their strength even under high temperature  conditions. This allows the following additional advantages:   
  • surface finish is of the highese quality according to AMS tradition
  • complete airframe surface can be also be color painted, including darker colors  
                 red                      dark blue                      orange                      pink                      green
  • surfaces paint used is weather and UV resistant polyurethane 2K system  
    • What will  the 17.007 m / 55.8 ft wing, motorglider Maxus include? Maxus is the planned  name for the third family model that will follow after Magnus & Mingus.  At this time we would like to reserve Maxus specifications for a future presentation.   
     4 Manufacturing and deliveries of the world's most popular and »easy to fly« glider LS4-b continue.  Its worldwide operations have well established that the LS4-b glider combines extreme piloting pleasure with good performance. Extensive modifications and improvements were made to the older LS-4 model, insuring its long term modern compliance.  Many of these mods have been continued in the LS7 and LS8 successors, such as automatic control system connectors, retractable and shockabsorbed undercarriage, TM certified LS4-b type winglets, available water ballast system, etc.  It is well known that most glider pilots (90%) are not interested in competition flying, and having to deal with expensive and frequently changing designs. Instead, they are looking for a comfortable, pleasurable and easy to fly, reasonably priced glider having adedquate performance. For these reasons, the LS4-b remains a popular design. Now, the increasing popularity of the  world wide OLC offers competition opportunities for all pilots.   

     5 AMS stopped DG gliders production some time ago after the DG-500 successor, the DG-1000, came  to market. Ownership of the glider designs of DG-300 and DG-500 was divided between  DG Flugzeugbau and AMS, but AMS will not continue producing DG gliders.   

     6 AMS delivers spare parts for the Carat A, Apis / Bee, LS6, LS4 and as well some spare parts for DG-300 and DG-500 sailplanes and will continue this support into the future. LS glider spare parts delivery times will become shorter in the future. AMS also performs glider service and maintenance for its traditional customers.


    Special offer

    i-panel special
    Instrument panel DG-300, DG-303, DG-600, DG-800

    The instrument panel is suitable for installation in several models of DG series gliders DG: DG-300, DG-600 and DG-800S (till the serial number 8-88).